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    We call them GLYPHIX.

  • 02-08-09 : Go behind-the-scenes with our upcoming fantasy puzzle
    epic in our Hero Glyphix development blog

  • 07-27-07 : www.heroglyphix.com is live! Visit the site for free
    daily logic puzzles, lively forums, puzzle designing and more.

About Quest Engine Incorporated:

How it all began:

Quest Engine's premier effort "Once Twice Thrice" was the result of two hardcore, old school Nintendo fans' years of hard work chasing their dreams of making video games. Programmer/Designer Brandon Wood saw his great playing, but rough looking game virtually come to life when graced by the efforts of Artist Matt Needham. In 2004, implementation and presentation complemented each other perfectly to give birth to "Once Twice Thrice". Two kids who spent way too much time on the floor in front of the television (collectively, more than a half a century actually) finally realized the dream, and had a tangible product to show for it.

Nowhere to go but up:

"Once Twice Thrice" is a tremendous success, but what comes next? More great games of course! The pair continues to conspire on even more ambitious projects, with Matt also diving into the world of game design, in an effort to advance the new artistic expression created with "Once Twice Thrice" and continue feeding Quest Engine and its customers with high quality interactive entertainment.

To that end we've created a rich and fantastical setting for our future releases, the O.T.T. Universe. We hope you'll be visiting it soon!

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