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Three powerful wizards brave the trials of Once Twice Thrice. Each with unique abilities and liabilities, they must work together to overcome their obstacles and win the day.

Matthius' portrait

Matthius the red Wizard can call forth Fiery eruptions from the molten center of a volcano. His fire spell can burn down trees, and eliminate most enemies. Matthius is also capable of walking over bubbling lava and roaring fires that mean certain death to other creatures.

Matthius casting a spell

Howard casts a spell

Howard the green wizard is at one with Mother Nature and all living things. His Earth magic can make trees grow on any fertile terrain. Additionally, Howard is the only wizard capable of walking over trees.

Howard's portrait

Skimlet's protrait

Skimlet the blue wizard can magically create a splash of Water from out of thin air. He can rain terror on fiery enemies, or extinguish fires that might impede the progress of himself or his companions. Skimlet is further differentiated from his peers in that he can also walk on water and move across ice without sliding.

Skimlet casts a spell

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A living, breathing world that's as beautiful as it is dangerous awaits your exploration. A cadre of fierce enemies may be intimidating, but you'll learn to out-smart each and every one on your path to victory.

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