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    We call them GLYPHIX.

  • 02-08-09 : Go behind-the-scenes with our upcoming fantasy puzzle
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  • 07-27-07 : www.heroglyphix.com is live! Visit the site for free
    daily logic puzzles, lively forums, puzzle designing and more.

Quest Engine Mission Statement:

It is the mission of Quest Engine Incorporated to further the appreciation of video games as a true art form for all people. By creating original, inventive games and making them accessible to all people, respect for this new medium will be fostered and the enlightenment and education that all art promotes, will follow.

Quest Engine Commitment:

Commitment to Our Art:

At Quest Engine, we are absolutely convinced that the interactive medium of video games is an art form both in its presentation, and in its execution. Just as Leonardo DaVinci's "Mona Lisa" is an expression of an idea that took form as a painting, and other artistic expressions come to life as sculptures, songs, books or movies, some ideas come to life as video games. We are all blessed to live in a time where new technology facilitates this remarkable form of expression.

Video games aren't just for teenage boys. It is our first priority to make games that can be enjoyed by all ages, both sexes, and all experience levels (both playing games and using computers). Quest Engine also works to create original games; you won't find any 'box pushing' or 'color matching' clones here. Those games are fine, but they've been done, and we'd rather innovate, not recreate. Like any other art form, games should be appreciated by everyone, and it's our goal to make that a reality.

Commitment to Our Customers:

Without our customers, our commitment to our art is futile. If you're not here to appreciate what we've created, then we're wasting our time. We must treat our customers with respect and courtesy so that they will try our games support our art, and spread the word. Quest Engine games should improve your quality of life by reducing your stress, encouraging more contemplative thought, and introducing you to fun, imaginative creatures/settings/ideas that make you smile.

Commitment to Ourselves:

Quest Engine must operate within the scope of our personal values. If it's not good enough for our homes and our families, then it's not good enough for our company or our customers. Any product of Quest Engine Incorporated will be appropriate for children and adults alike. There will be nothing at Quest Engine "just to make a buck". Every product will be primarily, a work of art loved by its creators, and additionally, a respectable product that anyone outside the company can own and appreciate.

Copyright Quest Engine Incorporated 2004-2007

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