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'Project HG'

Back in 2002 Quest Engine released its first videogame. It was a proud moment for us, and a real achievement for two guys with no budget and a whirlwind development period.

'Once Twice Thrice' is fun and packs more challenge per pound than your average game and we've since made several improvements to the game's interface, most recently in 2004, but naturally we started thinking about what we could do with bigger production values, more ambitious goals and a lot more investment of time. 'Project HG' began life almost immediately, with the aspiration of creating an "epic puzzle game" that everyone could enjoy.

Since then we've been hard at work laying the foundations of the OTT Universe, and breathing life into a compelling magical world of characters, places and mysteries. 'Project HG' needed a setting worthy of its over one thousand logic picture puzzles, epic storyline, heroic characters and surprising new gameplay twists...

We'll be releasing a playable demo in advance of the game's launch, so stay in touch!

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