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The land of Once Twice Thrice is composed of many natural components.  The different types of terrain and other landscape features will provide puzzles to challenge your brain and scenery to please your eyes.



grassy or fertile terrain

Grassy or fertile terrain is the most common landscape feature in Once Twice Thrice.  Any hero or enemy can traverse these areas and Howard the green wizard can use his magic spell to make trees grow here.

dirty/infertile terrain

Dirty or infertile terrain is also quite common.  It's often found near ice or lava where the harsh conditions make it more difficult for grass and flowers to grow.  Howard the green wizard's tree spells won't take root on infertile terrain.

sandy terrain

Sandy terrain is functionally the same as the infertile, dirty areas.  Howard the green wizard can't make trees grow here either.

gravel terrain

Gravel is another type of infertile terrain, just like sand or dirt.

icy terrain

Icy tiles are slippery.  When a wizard steps onto ice, he begins to slide in a straight line, and he won't stop until he hits something.  This doesn't apply to Skimlet the blue wizard though; his elemental alignment allows him to walk over ice just like any other terrain. Fire Frogs can melt ice into watery paths if they cross it.


Water is a home to sharks, and the domain of Skimlet the blue wizard.  He can walk freely over the water, but nothing else can cross it.  Penguins moving over water will freeze it into ice.


Lava can be crossed only by Matthius the red wizard.  His companions will be left behind.  Fire Frogs can cross lava as well.

On top of the grass, dirt, water and lava, you'll find different landscape features that will add still more depth to the levels of Once Twice Thrice.




There are several different types of vegetation in Once Twice Thrice. These different types of trees will block the movement of most enemies.  Howard the green wizard can walk on top of the trees, enabling him to get placed his companions cannot.  Also Termites and Torchguys will move toward any tree they are near and destroy them.

rocks and blocks

Rocks, blocks, lava spouts and other features will block all movement; no wizards, no baddies, nothing gets through these.


Fires burn at various places in the land of Once Twice Thrice.  Fueled by magic, they're fittingly only dowsed by magic: the water spell of Skimlet the blue wizard.

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Three brave and powerful wizards must face countless dangers in Once Twice Thrice.  You will come to their aid

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A cadre of fierce enemies may be intimidating, but you'll learn to out-smart each and every one on your path to victory.


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